Get insights on your business data 10X faster with AI

Lightbulb is the AI Data Analyst that helps you and your team get instant answers about your business data to make better decisions, 10X faster.

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Stop waiting on analysts for your requests.

Lightbulb.ai enables you to:

Benefits of Lightbulb

How will Lightbulb empower your curiosity?


Drill deeper with conversational questions and answers

Ask follow up questions on your data to drive deeper insights, all in your natural language.


Ask questions in any language

Lightbulb can translate your questions from any language into the appropriate machine readable format.


Share answers with your team

Use our slackbot to quickly share insights with your team, without changing your current workflow.


10X your decision making speed

No more ad hoc reports or filters. Spend more time formulating better questions and making better decisions.


Simple, secure set up

Integrate your data sources in less than a day.


Automate frequently asked questions

No more redundant calls with your data analyst, decide when you want your questions answered and lightbulb will do the rest.

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